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Gassho Hemp Martial Arts Clothing Range

We specialize in the manufacture & distribution of a variety of Hemp Martial Arts Suits for many different Martial Arts. Our flagship Gi is our Karate Tokaido Suit, but our range includes standard Karate Gis, Aikido uniforms and we are continually increasing our range

Our Gis come in 3 different variations:

Master Hemp Gi (Suit) 100% Hemp 340g Canvas (White/Natural/Black) Heavy Weight

Guaranteed 100% Pure Hemp Canvas 340g

This is the suit for serious martial artists made for the most rugged and viscous workouts.

We call it the Master Suit as this is the exact material masters wore when the Martial Arts originated and has the highest spiritual integrity.

This suit was made to last and gets better the more it is used just like a rough diamond through polishing

Hemp Gi (Suit) 55% Hemp/45% Cotton  285g  Canvas (White/Natural/Black) Medium Weight

Guaranteed 55% Hemp/45% Cotton Canvas 285g

This is a great all-round practise Hemp Gi, ideal for most Martial Arts, strong durable & comfortable.


Light Hemp Gi (Suit) 55% Hemp/45% Linen 185g

This is a great starter Hemp Gi for beginners, children or Martial Artist, who prefer a lighter Gi.

Fantastic for Martial Arts without grappling or pulling on the Gi like Taekwondo, Kung Fu or Kick Boxing.

All our Hemp Gi’s now come with an option of Kevlar stitching. A Gassho Original probably the strongest Gi available to date.

Kevlar stitched Gi’s are our Trademark Gi’s

Each Gassho product is exclusively manufactured by top quality martial arts manufacturers with over 30 years experience

All Gassho suits have the following properties:

  • Antibacterial & Anti-fungal
  • Up to 7 times stronger than Cotton (lasts longer)
  • More Absorbent than Cotton or Polyester (excellent for sweat)
  • U.V. Resistant (does not get weaker in sunlight)
  • Higher breath-ability and improved circulation (warmer in winter,cooler in summer)
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable
  • Free from Chemicals & Pesticides (excellent for people with skin disorders & allergies)
  • No yellowing
  • Gets better with age
  • Made to last for vigorous workouts
  • Holistic Fibre (used by Shinto priests and Zen masters for its spiritual purity)
  • Endorsed by top international Martial Artists
  • Proudly made in South Africa
  • Sweatshop free !

hemp martial arts clothing
  • Eco-Friendly 100%
  • Guaranteed Hemp 100%
  • Sustainability 100%

Masters I had the honour to meet

These are some of the top Martial Arts Masters from around the World.

Some of them I had the honour to meet, some of them I had the privilege to train with.

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