Gassho Hemp Children’s Hemp Karate Gi



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Black, Natural, White


Heavy Weight 385g 100% Hemp, Med Weight 285g 55% Hemp/45% Cotton, Light Weight 185g 55% Hemp/45% Linen

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About Us

Dear Guest and fellow Martial Artist. My name is Joachim Kaehny I have studied various martial arts for many years. Judo, Kung Fu , Capoeira, Karate, Kick Boxing & Taekwondo. As a student of the Martial Arts I have had the honour to train and meet many great Martial Arts Teachers and students from all over the world, which have left a great impression on me and shaped the person I am today. When my former Dojo made a bid to host an international tournament in South Africa funds were needed. As part of my own fundraising efforts and my entrepreneurial background I was looking for a sell-able sustainable product,which could create funds for the tournament as well as create an income stream for the Dojo. After month of research the Gassho Range and the Bushido card game were born. After looking into Hemp I realized that most martial arts suits and equipment were originally made from Hemp, because of its superior qualities. I teamed up with local martial arts equipment manufacturers, who were renowned for manufacturing superior quality suits. (Keeping manufacturing local is a big part of our sustainability agenda) The result is the Gassho range ! Gassho means Gratitude Currently many Dojo’s, clubs, masters & students around the globe are starting to use Gassho suits, not only because of its extreme durability but also because it offers an Eco-friendly and sustainable solution to the mainstream cotton and polyester suits. The support from schools around the globe have helped us to grow the Gassho Brand and it will hopefully grow into a household name for every Martial Artist. Thank you for visiting my site and looking into alternative equipment solutions.
Joachim Kaehny


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